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Mr. and Mrs. Howard Leather selection

The Mr. and Mrs. Howard leather portfolio offers a wide array of styles, grades, durability, and colors. Each is handcrafted by a team of skilled technicians who have spent years perfecting their trade.

What is R-Factor

R1 ‐ Minimal Resistance. This type of luxurious leather is designed for fashion and style and includes types such as Nubuck and Suede. This type offers no protection and is typically textural, Aniline dyed. The dye lot will vary, and it will scratch.

R2 ‐ Natural Resistance. This type is the most elegant leather and is typically pure. These leathers will gain a patina over time and offer minimal protection. These articles embrace the natural beauty and markings of the hide. The dye lot will vary and will scratch.

R3 ‐ Standard Resistance. This type of leather is impervious to most spills and stains and is easy to clean. It is best for residential serviceability requirements. The dye lot will be more consistent and resists scratching due to the protective top coat. Semi-Aniline.

R4 ‐ Maximum Resistance. This type of leather is impervious to spills and stains and is easy to clean. It is best for heavy-duty use or in commercial settings and offers superior protection. The dye lot will be most consistent and has maximum resistance to scratching.

Inspiration I421 Black

Inspiration I423 Cream

Inspiration I424 Cobalt

Inspiration I425 Espresso

Inspiration I426 Chestnut

Inspiration I427 Granite

Inspiration I428 Fedora

Inspiration I429 Graphite

Inspiration I430 Grey

Inspiration I431 Oyster

Inspiration I432 Glass

Inspiration I4333 Smoke

Inspiration I434 Scarlet

Inspiration I435 Stone

Inspiration I436 Pewter

Inspiration I437 Spice

Inspiration I438 Sandstorm

Inspiration I440 Juniper

Inspiration I444 Merlot

Inspiration I445 Lagoon

Inspiration I446 Mayan

Inspiration I447 Night

Inspiration I449 Orchid

Inspiration I450 Parquet

Inspiration I452 Riviera

Inspiration I459 Tidal

Inspiration I463 Citrine

Inspiration I464 Indigo

Inspiration I465 Laurel

Inspiration I466 Moon

Inspiration I497 White

Inspiration I498 Wine

Inspiration I499 Zest

Inspiration I500 Alpine

Inspiration I504 Dove

Inspiration I506 Frost

Inspiration I515 Sky

Inspiration I520 Tango

Panhandle P910 Amber

Panhandle P912 Choco

Panhandle P913 Red

Panhandle P918 Smoke

Panhandle P919 Cadet

Panhandle P921 Tobac

Panhandle P922 Taupe

Panhandle P924 ECRU

Panhandle P926 Basil

Panhandle P927 Dove

Panhandle P950 Black

Panhandle P952 Aqua

Panhandle P953 Ocean

Panhandle P955 Gunmetal

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